Virtual Fire - Real Heat*

Plug & Play

No limitations

No chimney


With/without heat

Instant flames


No CO poisoning

Eco – Friendly

Zero Emission

No Fumes


The Virtual Fireplace

Flamelusion is the ultimate alternative to the traditional fireplaces. A combination of a wood fire HD video with smoke, led technology, transparent glass and a realistic logset creates the perfect 3D visualisation of a real fireplace.

Real heat

The following options are available:

  • Real Heat
  • Sparkscreen included

It’s your choice: with or without the heat!


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Waregem (Belgium)

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De Puydt Haarden

Knokke-Heist (Belgium)

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PP Haard & Parket

Geel (Belgium)

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Van Raemdonck Haard & Interieur

Sint-Niklaas (Belgium)

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JDB Haarden

Rumst (Belgium)

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Kortrijk (Belgium)

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Daniëls Haarden

Bree (Belgium)

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Reijnhoudt & Van Der Zwet

Haarlem & Sassenheim (The Netherlands)

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Hooijer Haarden & Vloeren

Amersfoort (The Netherlands)

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Roger Van Dale bv

Bruges (Belgium)

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Malu GmbH

Weissach im Tal (Germany)

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